May Day Jazzband May Day Jazzband
Brass & Marching Band

Not so long ago, 13 men were found along the high-
way near Bergen op Zoom. These men were dressed in bright coloured blouses and black trousers with a white stripe on the side. The claimed to be stranded due to car problems. Several hundreds of meters further down the road an old Fiat 500 with even more broken down carrier.
In this carrier were found various British bobby helmets and a numerous number of empty champagne bottles.
It seemed that these men are the May Day Jazzband for about 10 years now.
An illustrous companionship of young gentlemen in their thirties that tries to make jazz music in their own country as well as in foreign countries.
After further questioning it seemed that the gentlemen were on their way to Bourbon Street in New Orleans! To make clear to our reporter that it is really a case of an old style street parade orchestra the gentlemen started to play a part of their repertoire with numbers like "Bourbon Street Parade", "Sweet Sue" and "Alcoholic Blues". The last number was performed so convincingly that the police immediately started his alcohol test and they all passed.

One of the gang members even claimed to have played with Rosa King, Made-
leine Bell
and Linda Hopkins.
Other members told that they have met many international jazz musicians on festivals: in Dresden, Celle (Germany), Silkeborg (Denmark), Lenk (Switzerland) and Antwerpen (Belgium). Also in the Netherlands they have played a lot of jazz festivals in Breda, Eindhoven, Enkhuizen, Wageningen, Domburg (Jazz by the Sea) and of course Bergen op Zoom!

Our reporter strongly got the impression that this sunny performance of this companionship is not only an adventure on the street, but will surely come strong on stage.
In the past the gentlemen already proved this during many stage performances at jazz festivals. The band lost itself in numbers like "Just A Gigolo", "It's all over now" and "Skokiaan"
They have recorded also their own CD with the strane title "Rockets and Cigars".
In the back of the small Fiat there were a lot of empty wrappers of the famous Dutch Ice Cream as well as empty cigar boxes.

If you want to meet this group of men on a jazz festival in the near future, you can count on a large portion of "freestyle enterjazzment", performed with an enthusiasm that you have never seen before and with a high musical level.